Based in Northamptonshire, we pride ourselves on offering Nationwide, professional and importantly business-centric services surrounding the number one urban pest - the feral pigeon. We strive to offer a broad range of high quality services and we value building strong relationships with our customers and clients.


The feral pigeon is the number one urban pest bird and we offer solutions of a professional standard. From bird netting to anti-roosting spikes, we can advise on the most appropriate system specific to your premises. From retail parks to schools, we offer expert services - don't hesistate to get in touch with any questions or queries.

What we do and who we do it for...


Pigeon Netting Bridges

Pigeons have been roosting under the steel bridge supports and contaminating the electrical trays and lighting cases. This becomes a health issue when maintenance technicians...

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Pigeon proofing

Pigeon Proofing can consist of pigeon culling, trapping and using the correct pigeon control methods to prevent pigeons from roosting on commercial building, where important...

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AC Unit Enclosures

Our client wanted no pigeons nesting and roosting on this tenth floor plant room. Thirty 50mm steel posts have been installed around the parapet wall...

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Areas Covered

Pigeon removed Ltd has a Nationwide coverage providing solutions for industrial and commercial building. Only a professional bird pest control company like the team at Pigeons Removed Ltd can provide that kind of specialist commitment Pigeons Removed Ltd has many years of experience in Pigeon control and specialist cleaning throughout the UK, so you can depend on us to provide a tailored solution to suit any type of building using a variety of methods to ensure a discreet, swift and effective results. Find out more