Pigeon Guano Waste Removal

Pigeons have been roosting and nesting inside this derelict building in this example, which has contaminated most of the floors,ledges and voids. Biocide disinfectants will have to be applied to all contaminated areas where pigeon guano is accessable for removal.

Once the cleaning has been completed we can install the correct proofing solution, which in this example was a 50mm polypropylene pigeon netting, and 50mm galvernised weld mesh over the windows

Demolition could not be started on this site due to contamination from pigeon’s faeces and nesting debris in this derelict building.

The first stages of this service was to cull the pigeons roosting and nesting inside the building, and then apply disinfectants and remove the pigeon faeces so the demolition contractors could commence works.