Pest control pigeons

Pest Control Pigeons For (Bridges)

Our Pest control for pigeons consist of pigeon culling before any pigeon deterrents can be installed. The reason for pigeon culling is when you have a large colony of pigeons living on a structure, let’s say like this bridge example where culling is a high priority to prevent the pigeons re-entering the netting system before it’s totally installed and closed.

Pest control pigeons is a solutions we offer when a structure is infested with pigeons perching and nesting inside, or outside a structure. Pigeon culling can only be carried out using the GL05 licence criteria if there is no other solution that will prevent the pigeons from perching and nest ie (trapping etc)

In the picture to the right you can see the pigeon guano contamination on the public footpath which is a health hazard which incorporates breathing the mico spores into your lungs, or just simply slipping on the pigeon guano when moist

Pest Control Pigeons. (Bridges)

To The left is another example of pigeon nesting and roosting on the bearing shelf and steel supports under a major road in Norwich.

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