Pigeon Netting Installations:

Pigeon Netting
(School Playground Enclosure)

Pigeon netting is used mostly on commercial building, and is the most popular pigeon proofing method used today. Ninety percent of our pigeon netting installations cover building structures, loading bays, roof plant rooms, car parks, bridges and the list is vast. Our pigeon netting in this example is installed on a 2mm stainless steel wire rope, and the 50mm pigeon netting connected every 50mm until the areas is totally closed, preventing pigeons from entering the enclosure, please enquire about our NO FLAME PIGEON NETTING.

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Pigeon Netting:
(Main Entrance Canopy)

In the example to the left we can seen the large canopy leading into the commercial offices. Pigeons have been nesting in the support steel and we have been asked to install a fifty millimeter pigeon netting to the underside of this canopy which will prevent further perching and nesting from a large pigeon colony.

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